About The 5th Quarter

“Gardner Field” in New Jersey. Photo by: Eric Nichay.

The 5th Quarter is the best place for NFL fans looking for their Free Agency fix. The offseason is our season, meaning you’re told what you need to know; to the point, impactful and important free agency news and information at your disposal.

What separates “TFQ” from other sources? You will discover an honest, clear and in-depth look at the action, news and issues from throughout the pro football league during the Free Agency and the draft day period. That’s nice, but what really separates The 5th Quarter from the rest of the sports world? The analysis that cannot be duplicated anywhere else.

Most stories in the NFL have unique back-stories and personalities to them that too often get ignored. Examples are things such as love for the game, the business side of football, player history and the nuances of playing each individual position – to name a few – that can greatly affect the way something or someone is read/perceived. TFQ does its best to give both aspects. The full story, not just the part that will make headlines. Unbiased, accurate and detailed information at your fingertips.  No matter what team you root for on Sundays, The 5th Quarter will have you covered..make that “press-covered” all day long.



Eric Nichay - Creator

Eric Nichay – Creator


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